Netflix: We're Now More Popular Than TV

Netflix, which has major operations in Los Angeles, said today that a new, national survey has ranked its services more popular than even live, traditional television--at least, among those who have streamed a full length show online recently. Netflix said the national survey, run by E-Poll Market Research, found that its poll asking viewers "Where do you go most frequently when you want to watch a TV show?" found that 33 percent of respondents put down "Netflix", with only 16 percent turning to live television, 15 percent turning to a DVR or Tivo, and 7 percent turning to Hulu. The poll found the answers were consistent across all age groups, with 39% of teens 13-17 preferring Netflix, 51 percent of Millenials 18-24, 34 percent of Older Millenials aged 24-34, 25 percent of Gen X from 35-54, and 24 percent of Baby Boomers from age 50-54 turning to the streaming television and movie service. The company said the survey was of 1,488 persons aged 13-54, all of whom had streamed a full length program within the last six months. It's unclear if the fine print in its survey--limiting the survey just to those who had streamed a full length television show online in the last six months--might have tilted the survey to those already streaming television online.