New Matter Starts Shipping Low Cost, Consumer 3D Printer

Pasadena-based New Matter, the Idealab-backed startup developing affordable, consumer 3D printers, has begun shipping production units of its devices, the company said this morning. The company says its Mod-t 3D printers are now in production, and have a retail price of $399. The new 3D printer uses Polylactic Acid (PLA) plastic, which is safer and more environmentally friendly than typical 3D printing media. The printer includes built-in Wi-Fi, and a big part of New Matter's approach to 3D printing is the availability of a marketplace of pre-designed projects, designs, and more to let consumers print 3D designs out of the box. New Matter is led by Steve Schell, and venture backed by Alsop Louie Partners, Arden Road Investments, Biotechonomy, Dolby Family Ventures, First Round Capital, Idealab and frogVentures.