Monday, September 27, 2004
Interview with Ashok Dhawan, Inphi
Ashok Dhawan is President and CEO of Inphi Corp (, an electronics manufacturer in Westlake Village. I asked Ashok a little about his company and where it is now, as well as where he sees the company going. BK: What are Inphi's products, and what markets do you target? AD: Inphi provides high performance analog components to three key markets - optical communication, Test and Measurement (T&M) and Precision timing. In each of these segments Inphi's analog components al (More info...)

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IOMagic Ships New Storage Device
Irvine-based I/OMagic announced that it is shipping a new portable storage device. The company's GigaBank 4.0 Portable Storage Device provides up to 4.0 GB of storage capacity in the size of less than a credit card, and requires no batteries or power adapters. The USB 2.0 device is designed for storing improtant files, backing up computers, and transfering digital files. The device supports Windows XP, 2000, ME, and 98SE. The new product expands on the capacity of the company's current generatio (More info...)

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Ixia Upgrades Operating System
Calabasas-based Ixia announced that it has upgraded the operating system for its network testers. The company's upgraded IxOS 3.80 adds new test configuration wizards, helping to decrease test setup time; adds additional automation capabinlities to help execute large scale tests; better support for IP routing devices and IPv6; and better performance verification capabilities for 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

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Endeavors Streams in Egypt
Irvine-based Endeavors Technology announced that the company's application streaming technology has been adapted by Volvo Information Technology AB for its IT Portal outsourced service. The company's AppExpress software has been deployed as part of Volvo's services in Egypt, where it is allowing students to run Windows-based programs on their desktops without having to install that software from CD-ROM. The software is being used to centrally manage and distribute software throughout Egyptian s (More info...)

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