Monday, March 14, 2005
Interview with Steve Strickholm, CEO of KnowledgeDNA
Steve Strickholm is CEO of Santa Barbara-based KnowledgeDNA (, a company that recently launched a web-based, information management tool. I spoke with Steve to better understand the technology and idea behind the company. BK: What's the idea behind KnowledgeDNA, and how do customers use your product? SS: KDNA CompanyIQ provides access to on-demand, real-time business intelligence and execution to organizations dependent on email for their business communications. We take thousa (More info...)

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Bush Names CIA VC To Head NASA
The White House said Friday that President Bush has named a former venture capitalists to the head of NASA. Michael D. Griffin, former President and COO of In-Q-Tel, the venture capital arm of the CIA, was named by the White House Friday as Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Griffin is current head of the Space Department at the John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, and has also served as Chief Engineer at NASA and Deputy for Technology at the Stra (More info...)

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CallWave Adds Internet Acceleration
Santa Barbara-based CallWave has added an Internet acceleration service to its lineup of Internet services. The service, which costs $4.00 a month, goes up against internet services like NetZero HiSpeed which promise to deliver faster Internet access times to dial-up users. Unlike NetZero's offering, Callwave's service is independent of the current ISP used by a customer. Both services rely on caching of frequently visited web sites, compression, and other techniques to move information about we (More info...)

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SOA Software Buys ThoughtDigital
Santa Monica-based SOA Software said this morning that it has acquired New York-based ThoughtDigital, a developer of event-based reliable messaging technology. Termes were not disclosed. SOA Software, formerly Digital Evolution, said that it would include the ThoughtDigital technology in its Service Manager, Registry, and XML products targeting the Web services management, security and UDDI areas. SOA Software said that as part of the acquisition that it would open an East Coast office in New Y (More info...)

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Kyocera Wireless, Boingo Develop WiFi/3G Handsets
San Diego-based Kyocera Wireless and Santa Monica-based Boingo Wireless are in an agreement to jointly develop handsets which enable 3G/Wi-Fi roaming. The two companies said that they have agreed to use Boingo's software for wireless roaming in upcoming Kyocera Wireless handsets, allowing users to seamelessly roam between wireless networks and Wi-Fi hot spots. Boingo provides a network of Wi-Fi hot spots. Kyocera is the former Qualcomm handset business, which was purchased by Kyocera a few years (More info...)

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