Friday, March 25, 2005
Apply To Present at the Venture Forum
Apply To Present at the Venture Forum

Participate in the largest showcase of early-stage investment
opportunities in the nation. We are seeking companies in all stages and
sectors to present to hundreds of potential investors, partners and
customers. Selected companies from the past ten years have raised over
$500 million in investment as a result of their participation in the
Venture Forum. Company of the Year awards will be given in several
categories. Don't miss this valuable opportunity! Apply Now:
socalTECH readers use code BSCT299

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Interview with Gary W. Hankins, Author, The Power of the Pitch
As every entrepreneur knows, learning how to pitch your business is one of the most important skills to master. Whether you're looking for funding, or selling a product, knowing how to present your product and business to the world can make or break your business. Gary Hankins is the Los Angeles-based author of a new book, The Power of the Pitch, which tries to address pitching skills, and I thought it would be interesting to hear about his thoughts on pitching skills and the book. BK (More info...)

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Firm Warns On Phishing Over IM
San Diego-based Akonix Systems warned today that the firm has begun seeing phishing attacks over instant messaging channels. Phishing, the use of falsified email messages to users in an attempt to lure them to expose their account numbers and logins to bank accounts, has been gaining rapidly as one of the major issues with the Internet. Unsuspecting users open themselves up for identity theft or hacking into their bank accounts when they respond to the messages and enter their passwords and info (More info...)

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Novatel Announces Broadband Access Device
San Diego-based Novatel Wireless said this week that it has developed a new console to provide voice and broadband access to small office/home office, enterprise, and residential markets. The company's new Ovation MCU1200(TM) 3G Wireless Multimedia Application Console is targeted for launch in mid 2005, but provides 802.11b/g WLAN access and cellular UMTS wireless wide area network support. The new device will support access to the Internet via broadband, in addition to analog voice calling supp (More info...)

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Power-One Names Director
Camarillo-based Power-One, a developer of power supplies and components for the electronics industry, said that it has named Gayla J. Delly to its board of directors. Delly is EVP, CFO, and Treasurer of Benchmark Electronics. Delly has also previously served at KPMG LLP. Power-One's products are used as components in a wide variety of electronic and computer equipment.

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Free Tools Demo/Seminar For Realtime Systems Development/Test
Free Tools Demo/Seminar For Realtime Systems Development/Test

Do you need to:
a.) Produce quality/high reliability software?
b.) Reduce/contain costs?
c.) Make your market window?

We can show you how to get all three using model-driven development
and automatic runtime error detection tools.

Please join PacInfo and factory reps. from I-Logix/Rhapsody and
PolySpace as we present live demos at the Hyatt Westlake Plaza on
March 29, 2005 from 9:00am to noon. For more information, please
email or call Gerald Koldjeski at
1-877-730-1565, ext. 12.


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