NoFlyZone Looks To Keep Pesky Drones Out Of Your Backyard

Are you in one of those areas where there seem to be an abundance of drones buzzing around your backyard? A new, Los Angeles-area startup,, said it is looking to help keep drones out of your property, with a new online database it is creating with drone manufacturers and operators. NoFlyZone, which is based in El Segundo, said it lets users enter their address into a giant database, which can be used by drone manufacturers to avoid flights into your property. NoFlyZone appears to be aiming to eventually charge users for customizing their listing in the database, so that--for example, you might allow a drone to deliver a package but not take aerial footage. The company says that, so far, drone manufacturers DroneDeploy, Ehang (Ghost Drone), HEXO+, and YUNEEC have signed up to use its data. NoFlyZone was created by Ben Marcus, who the company said previously founded aircraft brokerage firm jetAVIVA.