PC Mall Expands Into Deals Of The Day

Torrance-based PC Mall, the IT solutions provider and retailer, said Tuesday that it has entered into the "Deal of the Day" market via its OnSale subsidiary. PC Mall said that Onsale is launching hyper-local offers, starting in the second quarter in a number of markets, and expanding throughout the country after that. The new site goes head to head with Groupon, LivingSocial, and a slew of other imitators. OnSale said it had approximately 81 people working on the effort, and claimed that its expertise and experience in the online e-commerce space would help it in its effort. OnSale was previously one of PC Mall's computer and electronics e-commerce sites; the site's home page is now dedicated to signing up email addresses of potential users. Acknowledging the stiff competition in the area, the firm said that although others in the market have "raised significant capital" and have a "bit of a head start", the company said the market "is massive".


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