San Diego Clean Technology CEOs Line Up Against Proposition 23

The fight over Proposition 23, the California referendum coming to the polls to overturn AB32, has more backers today, from a group of 30 San Diego CEOs. According to The Green Chamber of San Diego County and those CEOs, they are urging San Diegans to vote no on Proposition 23, saying that the effort to repeal the state's Clean Energy Law would be "be harmful at best and devastating at worst" to its business community, neighborhoods, and the California economy. The group includes Robert Noble, CEO of Envision Solar, Yeves Perez of EcoHub, Ronald L. Pitt of EcoDog, and Camille Sobrian of CONNECT among others. The group claims that it has seen a "boom" in clean energy technology business in the state in anticipation of AB32, saying that law has already created more than 500,000 new jobs and $9.1 billion in private equity investments in the state. Proposition 23's backers claim that the referendum will save jobs, prevent tax increases, and that delaying AB32 will save a million jobs that would be destroyed by the clean energy rules.


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