SharesPost Rolls Out Private Company Index

Santa Monica-based SharesPost, the marketplace for private companies headed by Greg Brogger, has cooked up a new index of private companies, the firm said today. SharesPost said its index will track the performance of "blue chip" venture backed, pre-IPO companies such as Facebook, Linden Lab, LinkedIn, Tesla Motors, Serious Materials, Twitter, and Zynga. The firm said the SharesPost Index will reflect real-time, market input into the value of those firms. SharePost said the index will be available for free to its members. SharesPost operates an online service which helps owners of privately held stock---usually founders and employees--to sell their stock to others, even before those companies go public. The firm is also providing in-depth, third party reports on those various privately held firms. SharesPost also said it has now connected buyers and sellers in transactions worth $229M, with around $300M of posts to buy and sell shares of stock on its marketplace.