socalTECH: Deadline For Nominations For The Socaltech 100 Approaching

We're trying to identify the top 100 up-and-coming individuals in Southern California's technology industry! We're looking to identify the individuals here in the technology industry, across all sectors, who are most likely to create the next big thing, produce the next big exit or to influence the industry in a significant way--the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders across all of Southern California. If you'd like to nominate an individual (not company) for this award, we're collecting your nominations online. Nominations will close on Friday, November 1st.

More details on the list: it's not a popularity contest, and it's not based on celebrity. It's a list of individuals--across Southern California, from San Diego to Santa Barbara--who people ought to watch. It's not people who's already made it--it's those who might just be the one behind Southern California's next great big tech company. The list will be alphabetical, not ranked. Individuals can be involved in anything from online content to software, biotech to hardware, or even education, content, arts, or more--as long as it relates to the technology industry here.

Interested in sponsoring the awards? Socaltech is planning to recognize the Socaltech 100 in conjunction with the Digital Family Reunion in December. Email Robyn Dickson at (with the subject SOCALTECH 100) for more details on sponsoring the award or the event.