Soylent Unveils AI Bot, Starts Accepting Bitcoin

Los Angeles-based food alternative developer Soylent has rolled out a new chatbot, called "Trish", and started accepting Bitcoin from its customers. According to Soylent, its new "nutrition-obsessed artificially intelligent spokesperson" will appear both on its virtual store on its site, as well as other channels, including broadcast, digital social, and beond. The new "bot" was created by marketing/creative firm Wieden+Kennedy (W+K). In related news, Soylent says it has opened up a Bitcoin store called Soy Route on the "Dark Web", which it says is a nod to it's core community. That store will carry items not yet available to the public, including "mystery-flavor Soylent", a "been-flavor kit" and "golden Soylent" which is signed by its CEO, Rob Rhinehart. Soylent develops food replacement products, which the company intends to let users skip eating traditional food.


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