StockTwits Takes On Investor Relations

San Diego-based StockTwits, the real-time messaging service focused on the stock investing community led by Howard Lindzon, is aiming at the investors relation community with a new service. The firm announced that it has launched a new suite of services for public corporations and investor relations professionals, which will allow them to disseminate, monitor, and measure news and information within StockTwits and Twitter. Lindzon said in an interview that it's a "disruptive idea" in an industry which has been used to using things like PRNewswire and BusinessWire, and instead allows them to use sites like Twitter and StockTwits to communicate with investors.

In particular, StockTwits has addressed some of the compliance concerns of public companies. Lindzon also said StockTwits has priced the service to be a "no brainer" to IR departments, at $99 a month--enough to be an easy add-on to what companies are already doing to get their financial information to the public. The company already has been beta testing this with over 50 companies; Lindzon said there are over 40,000 public companies in the world who could use the service.


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