Surf Air Launches Startup Airline Out Of Muckerlab

Tired of being herded like cattle on your regular trip between Los Angeles and Palo Alto? Los Angeles-based Surf Air just launched today, emerging out of the MuckerLab accelerator, saying that it is looking to turn the airline industry on its head with a subscription-based, all you can fly airline initially targeting commuters between Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. The startup--headed by Wade Eyerly--is looking to start regular service between Los Angeles, Monterey, Santa Barbara, and Palo Alto to subscribers, who will be able to fly as much as they want between the locations for a monthly subscription.

Eyerly--who previously worked for the U.S. intelligence community and was an aide to Vice President Dick Cheney--teamed with his brother, Dave--a licensed commercial pilot working for Frontier Airlines--to start the airline. As Eyerely describes it, Surf Air takes a model similar to Netflix, allowing poeple to serve a certain number of trips ahead of time, with no limits on the total trips they can take, and will be launching initially with 500 members, taking advantage of the many regional airports and executive aircraft for its service. The startup is the second to launch out of MuckerLab.


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