Tinder Launches New Super Like, More Than Just Another Swipe Right

Los Angeles-based dating app developer Tinder has launched a new feature for all of those users hungry for a hot date: a new Super Like option, which lets users "swipe up" to indicate "heightened level of interest" in another user. According to Tinder, the new feature will only allow a limited number of "Super Likes", with an indication to those users that someone has "Super Liked" them showing up on profiles. As part of the launch of the new feature, Tinder said it has linked up with supermodel Erin Heatherton to help on a marketing campaign for the feature. Tinder said that Heatherton is a longtime fan of Tinder, and has a deep understanding of its audience, particularly millenials. Tinder said it is initially only launching the new feature in Australia, but will roll out the feature globally later this year. Normally, Tinder has no limit on the number of right swipes, meaning that some users can pretty much right swipe everyone they see on the service.