TrueCar Links With Dealers

Santa Monica-based TrueCar, which provides real-life pricing data on new cars, based on actual dealer sales, said Tuesday that the firm has begun showing guaranteed upfront pricing from local dealers. TrueCar said that it will begin showing prices, and an option to connect to dealers directly to purchase vehicles at those prices. According to TrueCar, buyers who use the site to learn what people are paying for actual vehicles in their local area will not have the option of pulling up to three, guaranteed prices for autos--and directly connecting with those dealers. The firm said the option "connects the dots" to make it easier for consumers to buy autos using the pricing information from TrueCar. The new auto buying services come as part of a partnership with Zag, which operates online car buying programs. The partnership brings TrueCar--which is a spinout of Zag and also run by Zag CEO Scott Paitner--full circle.


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