Virgin Galactic: Buy A Ride To Space With Bitcoins

Earlier this week, a local online travel site,, said that it would take Bitcoin for air reservations--the first time in the U.S. you could use the virtual electronic currency to directly purchase airfare. However, you can travel a lot farther than that today with Bitcoins--thanks to the announcement by Virgin Galactic, the commercial space tourism venture of Sir Richard Branson, which said yesterday that it has begun accepting purchases of rides to space using Bitcoin. In the announcement, which came directly from Richard Branson, Branson said that Virgin Galactic has started to accept the futuristic currency for seats on its rocket powered space vehicles. The company already said that one of its future customers--a female flight attendant from Hawaii--has already purchased her ticket on Virgin Galactic using Bitcoins. Virgin Galactic is in the process of getting all of the approvals and testing done to launch tourists into space.


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