Wallaby, Launching Out of Muckerlab, Maximizes Credit Card Awards

Wallaby is launching out of Los Angeles startup accelerator MuckerLab this morning, with an eye on the credit card market. The startup, headed by Green Dot vet Matthew Goldman, has created a new credit card which routes your purchases to your other credit cards, optimizing your accumulation of frequent flyer points, cash, rewards points, or whatever you choose, eliminating the decision of what credit card to use for a transaction. Goldman is using the knowledge he accumulated at prepaid payment firm Green Dot, and applying that to the decisions behind which credit card to use, and when. The startup comes out of MuckerLab, which has been behind such startups as Surf Air, LifeCrowd, Instacanvas, and others. In an interview, Goldman said that Wallaby is all about simplifying the decision people make when they pay for products.


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