WebVisible Sees Advertising Recovery

Irvine-based WebVisible, the venture-backed provider of online advertising services to small and medium businesses run by Kirsten Mangers, reports today that it is seeing a recovery in advertising spending. The firm said it has seen an increase of 160 percent in SMB ad spending over a year ago, particularly in the areas of spending for businesses offering jewelry, loans, mortgages and job recruitment services. WebVisible has been tracking quarter-to-quarter trends in advertising spend through its customers, which it says represented $23M in spending in Q2 of 2010. Among other trends, WebVisible said it saw a big increase in the average amount small businesses spent on search advertising in Q2, up 159 percent over Q2 of 2009, to $2,231. WebVisible's quarterly report is drawn from the firm's 12,000 individual advertisers in the U.S., and 10,000 advertisers in the UK.


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