YouMail: Ditch Unwanted Callers Forever

Are you really, really tired of getting calls from that telemarketer, or your ex-boyfriend? Well, you can now permanently make it so they can't call you--if you're using the newest Android app from YouMail. Irvine-based YouMail makes a voicemail replacement system, which includes a number of nifty enhancements, including voice transcription, personalized greetings, and much more. The latest feature to emerge from the firm: permanent call blocking. YouMail explains that its new feature allows users to click on "Ditch" when they receive an unwanted call, whether that's from a telemarketer or debt collector, or other unwanted caller, and it will then automatically send those callers to an "out of service" message whenever they call, automatically. YouMail is backed by VantagePoint Capital Partners, the Tech Coast Angels, the Tech Coast Angels ACE Fund, Siemer Ventures, and CrunchFund.


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