Zingle Ramps Texting Service For Hotels

In a world where consumers use texting more than they actually talk to someone on the phone, businesses have been notably slow to communicate via texting with their customers. To solve that, a San Diego startup, Zingle says it has been offering up a service to help connect businesses with their customers via texting -- starting with the hotel industry. According to Zingle, its text-messaging "concierge" product, which helps hotels communicate directly with their customers via texting. The company said that its service is already being used by such hotels as Loews Vanderbilt, Loews Portofino Bay Hotels and Four Seasons Philadelphia, handling everything from valet requests, spa reservations, to other requests via texting. The company said it started offering up its service in 2010, and is now processing a million text messages a month for hotels, restaurants, cafes, parking companies, and others. The company is led by Ford Blakley.


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