Armorway Applies Game Theory To Real Life

Los Angeles-based Armorway, a startup that uses "game theory" and big data information to plan out security scheduling, says its software is being used by the Federal Air Marshal Service and U.S. Coast Guard, the University of Southern California, and an un-named event production house. The company uses the computer science concept of game theory (think "War Games", the 1980's Matthew Broderick movie) to play through different scenarious, in this case planning out deployment of Air Marshals to specific flights, patrol and security plans, and other related actions. According to the company, its software uses on-site cameras, historical crime records, social media, geolocation information, flight schedules, crowd movement patterns and real-time incident reporting for planning out patrols for USC, the Coast Guard, the Air Marshal service, and others. Armorway is led by Zare Baghdasarian, and says it comes out of USC itself, built on research funded by the Department of Homeland Security.


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