Broadcom, Skyworks Among Beneficiaries Of iPhone Sales

Two Southern California firms are two of the biggest beneficiaries of the huge rush to purchase Apple's new iPhone 4. According to a number of recent "tear-downs" of the new iPhone 4, Irvine-based Broadcom, and Skyworks Solutions, the spinout of Conexant which has operations in Irvine and Newbury Park, are two of the major component providers for the new iPhone. Broadcom makes two chips used in the iPhone 4, including the chip that handles Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections on the phone, and a chip to receive GPS signals. Skyworks Solutions, a maker of various electronic components, also is a supplier of components on the new phone. Broadcom, in particular, has apparently gained in the newest iPhone incarnation, with Apple's use of its GPS chip, which replaces the one from Infineon used in the last iPhone. Apple's iPhone 4 launched last week, causing huge lines and shortages at Apple stores.