Disney Creates Its Own XPRIZE

Walt Disney Studios and XPRIZE, the group which runs challenges aimed at spurring solutions to big issues facing society, have teamed up to create a new XPRIZE, called the Create Tomorrowland XPRIIZE Challenge. According to the two, the new challenge invites kids to imagine themselves in the future, reporting on the "one new and amazing invention or innovation they encounter, how it works, and the impact it has on the future." In an interesting switch from the XPRIZE's normal, multi-million dollar prizes focused on creating technology and solutions around problems, this XPRIZE will instead offer up mentorship experiences with leaders in areas of a kids' interest, $3000, and a 3D printer, plus registration for the upcoming FIRST LEGO League season. The new prize also--unlike prior prizes--has a very strong promotional bent, in that it is directly linked to the upcoming release of the Disney movie "Tomorrowland". Deadline for the new prize is May 17th.