DreamHost Tackles Cloud Storage

Los Angeles-based web hosting provider DreamHost is tapping into Ceph, the open source, scalable storage system project spun out of its own operations, to launch its own object storage service. DreamHost said its new DreamObjects service--aimed at both developers, as well as individuals and businesses--will provide per-GB storage services at 7 cents per month, and 7 cents per GB for data transfer out. The new cloud storage service is aimed at Amazon's S3 storage service and Rackspace Cloud Files. According to DreamHost, the new service provides fully compatible APIs which allows developers who originally developed software for other cloud services, to access the service without any changes to their code. Ceph is a massively scalable storage system which was created by Dreamhost co-founder Sage Weil; the open source software is now being maintained by Inktank, a startup spun out of DreamHost. DreamHost said that its new DreamObject service already is being used by such firms as ElephantDrive, the Los Angeles cloud storage provider headed by Michael Fisher.