Boingo In Deal With Deutsche Telekom For In-Flight Wi-Fi

Are you a Boingo customer, planning a long flight to Germany anytime soon? Wish you could keep connected to the Internet? Customers of Los Angeles-based Boingo Wireless can now do that--and bill it to their Boingo account--if they're booked on Lufthansa. Boingo said Tueday that it has inked a deal with Deutsche Telecom, which will give Boingo customers access to in-flight Wi-Fi services on international flights through DT's on-board communications services. The access will be through Boingo's in-flight premium service, which is above and beyond Boingo's monthly plans, on flights between the U.S. and Canada and Germany. Lufthansa has been offering in-flight Wi-Fi since December of 2010. It's unclear what pricing differences will be, if any, between directly purchasing Wi-Fi from Lufthansa or using a Boingo account.