Google To Ramp Hiring In Southern California, Too

Search engine giant Google says that its hiring surge this year will affect its Southern California offices, despite a lack of an increase in its listed positions on its jobs pages for its Santa Monica and Irvine locations. According to a communications and public affairs executive at the firm, in response to an article last week in this publication, Google is indeed actively hiring in Southern California, as it is everywhere else, as its anticipates its biggest hiring year in company history. Google said last week that it is planning to hire more than 30,000 employees globally by the beginning of next year. Google said it has openings in Southern California primarily in sales and engineering, and that--despite the low count of positions listed on its site--it is also planning to boost hiring locally. The Google spokesperson that that the firm often hires for multiple positions from single listings on its jobs page. Google declined to say how many people it intends to hire overall in Southern California, saying that the company does not give hiring projections.