Insights and Opinions: Start Something

Story by Megan Lisa Jones


For today's Insights and Opinions section, we have an article from investment banker Megan Lisa Jones, who addresses the question of how to get funding for a concept (not likely) with a simple suggestion.

Yesterday I sat down with an ambitious young entrepreneur who was having a hard time raising $10 million dollars. I seem to be having a lot of this same conversation recently.

In today's world I can promise you that raising $10 million dollars for a concept is next to impossible. I feel like saying that unfortunately it still does happen (but there is something else at play... a serial entrepreneur with a long term track record, an expert with a revolutionary and proprietary technology, a wealthy investor with an idea meets the right team to execute, etc). Still those "starts" give everyone else a false hope. At other times, doing so has been much more likely (before the financial crisis, or the late 1990's, for example).

My advice was to start something, no matter how small, first. (More...)

Read the rest of Megan's article, Start Something.


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