JumpStartFund Looks To Make Elon Musk's Hyperloop A Reality

There was a lot of hype earlier this month over the introduction of the idea for Hyperloop--a system for getting people to and from the Bay Area in only minutes, using 800 mile per hour aluminum pods. However, Hyperloop is just that--only an idea--and Musk isn't planning to take it to market, just yet.

To change that, a local startup, El Segundo-based JumpStartFund, says it is using its platform to try to make Musks's idea come to life. JumpStarter, the company behind JumpStartFund, said it has placed Musks's project on its platform, allowing the crowd to vote on the idea, refine the idea, comment on the idea--and maybe even get the idea funded. JumpStartFund's site revolves around tapping the power of the crowd to refine business ideas, and eventually get them crowdfunded. The company is led by Dirk Ahlborn.