LA Makerspace Targets Tinkerers, Creators

How do you spur more people creating software, hardware, devices, and more in Los Angeles? A new group, LA Makerspace, headed by Tara Tiger Brown, is hoping to create a new, non-profit community space all around creating new things. The group recently kicked off a Kickstarter effort to raise money to buy 3D printers, a laser cutter, and more for use at a space in the LA Mart, which it says will be used to teach classes and support projects in software, hardware, electronics, robotics, art, filmmaking, citizen science, bio-tech, eco-tech, wearable-tech, and more. The group says it has already hosted "hackathons" for kids learning to program, and is also seeking entrepreneurs, software engineers, hardware engineers, scientists, artists, filmmakers, and others to help it in its effort.


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