MakieLab Starts Shipping Disney Designs

Los Angeles- and London-based MakieLab, one of the companies out of Disney's recent Disney Accelerator class, started shipping its Disney-themed, custom 3D printed dolls on Friday, with clothing and designs from Disney properties. MakieLab creates custom, 3D printed dolls which the hair, skin, eye color, and other aspects of the doll are highly customized, to either match a kids' own features or for a custom look. The company had showed its first Disney-themed dolls--featuring such Disney brands as Star Darlings, Minnie Mouse, Maleficient, and others--at the Disney Accelerator Demo Day back in October, when it initially announced its deal with Disney. MakieLab's CEO, Alice Taylor, is now located here in Los Angeles, where the company has set up an office to take the company's products to market, as a direct result of the company's participation in the Disney Accelerator.


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