Mattel Unleashes Twitter Device For Dogs

Not happy with just keeping up with the thousands of updates from your fellow Twitter users? If not, El Segundo-based toy maker Mattel has launched a new toy this week which connects the Twitter micro-messaging service to your own pet dog. Mattel said it has launched a new gadget called Puppy Tweets, which allows users to follow their dog's activities via Twitter. Mattel said the new device, which uses motion and sound sensors, automatically updates people on what their dog is doing via Twitter. The device connects to a dog's collar via a special tag, and includes a special USB receiver that connects to a user's computer. Mattel said the new product is aimed at people "who are passionate about their dogs and social media".

The device keeps track of every time a dog moves, barks, eats, or otherwise does anything during the day, and wireless transmits that to a USB receiver, and outputs one of 500 humorous Tweets. The new device requires the owner to set up a dog's own Twitter account. As of announcement date, the firm was selling the device for around $25 on, in both blue and pink.