MediaPass Wins New Publisher, RightWisconsin

One of the hottest area for online publishers, has been the move back towards paid subscription paywalls for content. One of the companies which has been helping to drive that trend is Los Angeles-based MediaPass, a supplier of software which helps online publishers meter and paywall their content. MediaPass has just added another customer looking to use the firm to help drive its subscription business, the Journal Broadcast Group, which owns and operates 35 radio stations and 15 television stations. Financial impact of the deal was not disclosed. MediaPass said that the Journal Broadcast's RightWisconsin, a political site, is using MediaPass for a new, paid subscription system.

According to MediaPass, RightWisconsin--which started as a free daily newsletter--will start offering exclusive political news and analysis to subscribers, with the site intending to cover roughly 85 percent of the site's content available only to those subscribers. MediaPass provides tools which make it easy for online publishers to swizzle their subscription paywalls and models, across any publishing platform.

Interest in paywalls for online publishers has risen in the past few weeks, after a successful experiment by Andrew Sullivan of the Daily Beast, in converting his once-free publication to a subscription-only service.