MeUndies Expands into T-Shirts, Socks--and Sexy Videos

MeUndies, one of the subscription-based companies out of Science, Inc., the startup incubator of former MySpace CEO Mike Jones, has just branched out into t-shirts and socks, with the relaunch of its site Friday. It also looks to be taking a clue from fellow Science, Inc., startup--and looks like it's been ramping up its viral outreach efforts with a couple of sexy videos on YouTube.

MeUndies--founded by Jonathan Shokrian and Barak Diskin--launched last year, as part of a push by Science Inc. in the subscription ecommerce area, letting people buy new pairs of underwear on an automatic subscription every month. The company now lets users also purchase socks and t-shirts under the same subscription model, but with the option of one-time purchases at a higher price.

The relaunch comes as the firm looks to be using viral video techniques to gain attention for the company--the firm just posted a heavily viewed "Harlem Shake" video featuring underwear models on YouTube, along with another sexy video clearly aimed at scoring views which was just posted Friday morning.