MomentFeed: Instagram, foursquare Help Boost Restaurant Chain

Santa Monica-based MomentFeed, the location analytics software developer which helps brands analyze how location-based app promotions are working on a location-by-location basis, said today that a promotion incorporating Instagram and foursqure seemed to help a local restaurant chain. The company said that, based on its measurements, a recent promotion by Barney's Beanery--where the chain handed out prizes to people who posted Instagram or foursquare photos at the restaurant--helped to increase check-ins at the chain. The firm said the contest increased check-ins 66 percent at locations for Barney's Beanery. The restaurant and MomentFeed did not say what kind of increase in business the promotion provided to those locations. MomentFeed develops software which analyzes location-based activity on sites like Facebook, Foursquare, and other social sites to help brands and marketers understand the interaction of those social sites with their retail locations.