MySpace, WSJ Look To Send Users To Davos

Los Angeles-based social networking web site said late Thursday that it has kicked off a competition to send a MySpace user to the Davos World Economic Forum. The site said the effort--run in partnership with the Wall Street Journal--will allow the user to join the Davos press corps and report on news and interview world leaders at the forum for MySpace users. The competition is being driven by user-submitted videos, where aspiring reporters can explain why they should be chosen to travel to Davos. The winner will be selected by a panel that includes Mark Adams (Head of Communications of the World Economic Forum), Arianna Huffington (Co-founder of The Huffington Post), Frank Luntz (Communications Specialist and Political Consultant) and MySpace CEo and founder Chris DeWolfe. The competition is an interesting one for MySpace, which has been better known for its promotions with entertainment and music firms than publications such as the Wall Street Journal.


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