Monday, March 28, 2005
2005 SOFTWARE INDUSTRY AWARDS ~ A Night to Celebrate Success!
2005 SOFTWARE INDUSTRY AWARDS ~ A Night to Celebrate Success!
March 31, 2005, Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles

Join us at our annual gala event, celebrating the success of the
best and brightest in our industry. The most successful software
companies. The most innovative developers. The hardest-charging
CEO's. Register now and join us as we recognize those who have
made outstanding contributions to the Southern California
technology community.

Highlights include the 2005 Software Council Lifetime Achievement
Award presented to Lee Roberts, CEO of FileNet Corporation.
Special keynote presentation by William Weyand, CEO of MSC.Software.
For a list of award finalist and more detailed information, see

Interview with Dennis Clerke, CEO of Alignent
Dennis Clerke is the CEO of Irvine-based Alignent Software (, a company that recently raised $6M in funding. I caught up with Dennis to hear more about the company and its funding, and to better understand how companies are using its strategic product planning software. BK: How long have you been looking for funding, and why did you decide to go out for a Series A? DC: Alignent was in a fortunate position in that the business model and revenue acceleration were already occurri (More info...)

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SK Telecom, Earthlink In Joint Wireless Service Venture
ISP EarthLink and Korean mobile communications company SK Telecom said last week that the two companies are forming a new joint venture to market wireless services in the U.S. The new company, headquartered in Los Angeles and Atlanta, will be headed by Earthlink founder and chairman Sky Dayton and capitalized with $440M in partner investments over the next three years. According to an SEC filing, Earthlink has contributed $43M to get the venture off the ground. SK-Earthlink said that it would pr (More info...)

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Luxtera Announces Combined CMOS, Optical Chip
Carlsbad-based Luxtera today announced that it has created a CMOS-based, high speed chip which provides high speed, 10Gbit/sec optical photonics interfaces. The new chip is the first time a company has been able to combine the complexity of optical communications lasers with standard CMOS electronic components, and promises to dramatically lower the cost of high speed networking. Traditionally, optical communications lasers and other products have been a major cost components and inhibitor of op (More info...)

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Xirrus Launches Switched Wireless LAN Company
Westlake Village-based Xirrus launched today, simultaneously launching a company and a line of products focused on the wireless LAN market. The new company, founded and funded by Xircom founder Dirk Gates, is focusing on the wireless LAN market and extending the range of Wi-Fi networks with a "Wireless LAN Array". The company's products provide a multi-channel, extended range combined wireless base station. The Xirrus WLAN Array combines 16 integrated Access Points, 802.11a/b/g supported, and a (More info...)

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AreUN Closes Angel Round
Rancho Cucamonga-based AreUN said Friday that it has completed an angel round of funding and is starting a Series A fundraising efforts. The company says that it is creating a new online business model that combines an online marketplace, bricks and mortar stores, and a newspaper which allows buyers and sellers to connect through the Internet and a local sales force. The company is targeting auction giant eBay, but has yet to launch its services. AreUN said that it is looking for $15M in a Serie (More info...)

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Tandberg Acquires Inostor
Tape storage giant Tandberg said last week that it has acquired Poway-based Inostor, a marketer of tape automation, drives and media products and NAS products. InoStor was created from the merger of U.S.-based Tandberg Data and Land-5, a developer of disk storage products. Tandberg purchased the remaining interest in InoStor fro minority shareholders, and already owned a substantial portion of InoSotr. InoStor is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Tandberg Data ASA. The companies said that the acq (More info...)

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Occam Raises Series A-2
Santa Barbara-based Occam Networks said this morning that it has completed a Series A-2 Private Placement from existing venture capital and a new strategic investor. The company said it raised $4.925M from 545,979 shares of its stock. Occam is a developer of broadband loop carrier networking equipment which converges voice, data, and video services. The company's equipment allows telecommunications providers to deliver voice and broadband to residences and businesses. Occam is backed by Alta Pa (More info...)

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Free Tools Demo/Seminar For Realtime Systems Development/Test
Free Tools Demo/Seminar For Realtime Systems Development/Test

Do you need to:
a.) Produce quality/high reliability software?
b.) Reduce/contain costs?
c.) Make your market window?

We can show you how to get all three using model-driven development
and automatic runtime error detection tools.

Please join PacInfo and factory reps. from I-Logix/Rhapsody and
PolySpace as we present live demos at the Hyatt Westlake Plaza on
March 29, 2005 from 9:00am to noon. For more information, please
email or call Gerald Koldjeski at
1-877-730-1565, ext. 12.


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