Monday, November 14, 2005
AOL, Warner Bros. Offer Broadband TV Programming
America Online and Warner Bros. today announced that the two companies will begin offering broadband television programming on AOL's web site. The two are launching a new network called In2TV, which will stream full length episodes from Warner Bros. shows over broadband. The network will include series such as Welcome Back Kotter, Bettlejuice, and La Femme Nikita. The two companies said that the content will also be tied into quizzes and other tie-ins. AOL will offer the series in a new video fo (More info...)

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Aptuit Acquires InfoPro Solutions
Agoura Hills-based InfoPro Solutions has been acquired by a drug development tools company. Greenwich Conn-based Aptuit said it has acquired InfoPro Solutions in order to create a multi-customer, multi=site platform for tracking drug development projects. Financial terms were not disclosed, however the deal is expected to close in late 2005 or early 2006. Aptuit will acquire InfoPro Solutions facilities in Agoura, Westford, Masachussetts, Bangalore, India, and Frankfurt, Germany. The company sai (More info...)

posted on Monday, November 14, 2005(Full story) Launches Comparison Shopping In Asia
Los Angeles-based Mezi Media ( said today that it has launched a comparison shopping engine in Japan and China. The company said that it was the first U.S.-based comparison shoppping engine to launch in the two Asian countries. The Japanese comparison shopping engine will feature fashiona nd apparel, babay and maternity, home and garden, food and drinks, pet supplies, musical instruments, consumer electronics and appliances, and sporting goods. In China, the web search engine will inst (More info...)

posted on Monday, November 14, 2005(Full story) Goes Wireless
Los Angeles-based has launched a new wireless service offering that provides access to's wedding planning information via cell phone. The company said that its wedding planning content and tools are now available via text messaging for PDAs and smartphones. The services include text messaging tips for couples planning their wedding, photo galleries, budget planner, checklist, guest list, and other tools. The company said that it was tapping software provider (More info...)

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Amp'd Mobile Makes A Break
Online media content provider said today that Los Angeles-based mobile lifestyle provider Amp'd Mobile will feature its portfolio of user-submitted video and images to Amp'd Mobile's services. Break will offer the content plus short form video and still images through the Amp'd Mobile network. is an Internet-boom era firm that provides multimedia content over broadband. Amp'd Mobile is developing a lifestyle-based, youth-oriented wireless services company tied into video, mus (More info...)

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Fulcrum Announces 10G Ethernet Switch Chips
Calabasas-based Fulcrum Microsystems announced today that it has a new, 10-Gigabit Ethernet switch chip targeted at data centers. The company's new FocalPoint 10-Gigabit Ethernet switch chip provides very low latency for Ethernet switching. The new chips provide up to 24 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports. The company is targeting low-latency applications such as blade-servers, clustering, and other applications. The company said that it switches compare to specialty interconnects such as Fibre Channel, (More info...)

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Company Health Test from Technology MarketForce (TMF)
Martin Hewett, ex-President Legent, Information Integrity Group
prior to Legentís $1.6 Billion acquisition by Computer Associates:
Discussing the COMPANY HEALTH TEST from Technology MarketForce (TMF)
"The CHT and the subsequent follow-up by TMF worked very well for us.
I was surprised by how relevant it was to our situation.
It gave us a consistent, rapid, structured and impartial process for
collecting feedback from all parts of our widely-dispersed workforce.
We were able to react quickly and change our fortunes fast. TMF also
provided ongoing valuable strategic & transaction assistance." MORE AT Email:

VIC Network @ The Victorian
VIC Network @ The Victorian

Digital Cinema: The Changing Landscape of Entertainment Content Preparation, Distribution and Exhibition

Joe Berchtold
President of Technicolor Electronic Distribution Services
In conversation with Joey Tamer

See how digital cinema stands to dramatically alter the landscape of entertainment content preparation, distribution, and exhibition.

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