Monday, May 5, 2008
LAVA Investment Capital Conference - May 7 - Los Angeles
For 15 years the Investment Capital Conference has been the annual
signature event of the Los Angeles Venture Association, our region's
oldest, most successful organization focused on the financing of growth.

LAVA's Investment Capital Conference features a unique content-rich
program and effective networking; delivering unique and essential
knowledge and contacts to top-level executives from early-stage to
middle-market companies. Keynote speakers include: Jerry Greenfield,
Co-Founder of Ben & Jerry's Homemade Icecream and Dean Kenneth Starr,
Pepperdine School of Law.

This year's event is on May 7th at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel,
downtown Los Angeles. Visit
for more information.

Verve Wireless Gets Win With AP
The Associated Press said today that it has debuted a new, mobile news portal focused on wireless users. The new portal is powered by Encinitas-based Verve Wireless, a developer of wireless software for online publishers. The AP's web application allows users to access international, national, and local news content from the AP and its members. Verve Wireless was selected by the Associated Press as a technology provider for the network, in a deal which was announced last month. Financial details (More info...)

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CraveOnline Buys Two Hockey Web Sites
Los Angeles-based CraveOnline, an online operator of web sites for men, said Monday that it has acquired two hockey web sites, HockeysFuture and HFBoards. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. HockeysFuture is a wbe site covering developing players in hockey, focused on the NHL draft; HFBoards is an online site for hockey fans to discuss prospects, trade rumors, and the NHL. According to AtomicOnline, parent company of CraveOnline, the acquisition is part of a strategy to grow o (More info...)

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Dispatch and Tracking Systems Acquired
Newport Beach-based Dispatch & Tracking Systems, a provider of software for automating dispatch, tracking, and management of tow trucks, has been acquired. Houston-based C:Logic, which develops software for the industry, did not disclose financial terms of the deal. Disaptch & Tracking Solutions was angel backed by the Tech Coast Angels, which made an investment in the firm in October of last year. According to C:Logic, DTS will become a wholly owned subsidiary of the firm, and continue to maint (More info...)

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Southern California: The New Detroit?
Recently, the CEO of GM (NYSE: GM), Rick Wagoner, extolled the importance of electric cars. It does seem like a no-brainer, especially in light of environmental concerns and the soaring price of crude. In fact, the mega car company is exploring many alternatives, such as fuel cells, ethanol, hybrids and so on.

Of course, it’s all good news for a variety of companies in southern California, which are developing next generation car technologies. “Southern California is the home to a myriad (More info...)

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Staccato Expands Sales Team
San Diego-based Staccato Communications, a provider of ultra wideband (UWB) and Certified Wireless USB semiconductors, said Monday that it has expanded its sales team. According to the firm, it has appointed Jeff Gray as the firm's Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Business Development, Manjul Agrawal to Director of Sales for Japan and Korea, Hoffei Hou to Director of Sales for Taiwan and Greater China, and Sampan Chen as Field Applications Engineering Director for Asia. The expanded team fo (More info...)

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Histogen Gets $5.35M
San Diego-based Histogen said Friday that it has raised $5.35M for its regenerative medicine products. According to the firm, the round came from Secure Medical Inc., CellCeuticals Skin Care Inc., and angel investor Leonard H. Laving of Alberto-Culver Company. The firm said it is developing solutions based on newborn fibroblasts; the firm's products are targeted at hair growth, wound, and hernia repair. The firm said the funding will go towards Phase 1 clinical trials and 510k submissions, as we (More info...)

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Storybids Takes On Product Placement In User Generated Video
Irvine-based Storybids said today that it has launched a new product placement marketplace, aimed at connecting advertisers with online video content creators. According to Storybids, the firm is venture funded by STN Labs, and will help online video content creators get paid for featuring physical products in their user generated videos. The firm cited a study showing that consumers are "far more receptive" to product placement in online videos than interruptive TV ads. To that end, the firm al (More info...)

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InfoSonics Gets $45M Credit Facility
San Diego-based InfoSonics is reporting today that it has added a new, $45M, two-year credit facility with Wells Fargo Century. Infosonics, which is a provider and distributor of wireless handsets in Latin America, said the credit facility replaces an existing credit line from Wlels Fargo HSBC Trade Bank. The amount available to the firm depends on accounts receivable and inventory levels.

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Software as a Service (SaaS) Success. Accelerated.
The SaaS3 program will help you get your SaaS business running with some
help from Redmond.

For software companies building a new SaaS application or migrating to
SaaS. Heavily discounted consulting from SaaS experts, free hosting, and
free Microsoft SQL software licensing.

Visit or call Brett Gordon at
877-841-7274 x708 or email

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NeoHire is unlike any recruiting firm in the world.

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Qualified Benefits Seeks $5M In Equity Financing
Qualified Benefits Inc. (QBI) is seeking $5 million in equity financing
for Management's buyout of the Company from BenefitStreet.

Qualified Benefits Inc. (QBI) has an endurance record like few in the
industry since its 1978 inception.

Over the past 30 years QBI has built a formidable competitive advantage
with over 2,700 customers.

Since inception QBI has never been sued or been in litigation with any of
its customers.

Outstanding employees with longevity not seen in the financial service
industry today.

QBI provides retirement plan services for both Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution plans. Specifically, QBI established and provides consulting and administration for Defined Benefit Plans, Cash Balance Plans, Profit
Sharing Plans, 401(k) Plans and Hybrid Plans.

QBI has sales offices in Woodland Hills and Irvine. Because QBI does not
sell investment, advisory or insurance related platforms, we are
compatible with all financial advisors. This includes those advisors
working for wirehouses, insurance groups, RIA's and insurance brokers.

QBI also has a dominant presence in the Defined Benefit marketplace with
significant relationships with accountants and business managers.


Costello and Sons Technology Insurance Brokers
Insuring Innovation.

SaaS University: Selling, Marketing, Infrastructure and Financing
Softletter's SaaS University: Selling, Marketing, Infrastructure and
Boston (Waltham), June 18/19.
The Premier Event for Those Who Need to Succeed in SaaS

*Looking for hard data and facts on SaaS infrastructure, marketing,
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*Transitioning or incorporating an on-demand system into your product
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Softletter’s SaaS University will enable you to reach your goals! Over 31 separate sessions and five tracks, including transitioning to SaaS,
selling to the enterprise, SMBs, and government, infrastructure,
marketing, and finance. Topics include compensating your sales employees, SaaS pricing models, crossing the SaaS financial chasm, professional services, infrastructure costs, marketing best practices and much more. Three keynotes, including Colleen Smith, VP of Software as a Service, Progress Software, Rene Bellei CEO, Ryma (FeaturePlan), and Jeff Kaplan, Managing Director, THINKstrategies.

If your company is interested in or likely to be impacted by the growth
of SaaS (and there is no company that won't be impacted by SaaS),
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