TrueCar Makes Major Changes As It Reaches Out To Dealers

Santa Monica-based TrueCar said over the weekend that it has made a major overhaul to its user experience, adding a number of features which specifically reach out to dealers, in addition to helping out its consumers. According to TrueCar, the changes are part of a "dealer pledge", where it has promised to reach out to its dealers to help address concerns expressed over the past few years. TrueCar has been battling dealerships, who have complained the pricing information on the site have driven down their margins and hurt their value. The changes include "enhanced information" that TrueCar says will help consumers get a "broader view of benefits" from dealers, rather than just pricing; pricing which shows better "context" over what was paid for specific in-stock cars and trucks that match their search, rather than for "generic vehicles"; and elimination of "estimated pricing" for generic new vehicles, among other enhancements.