United Online Breaks Out Classmates Results, Continues To Eye IPO

Woodland Hills-based United Online said Thursday as part of its quarterly earnings releases that it will begin breaking out financial results from the firm's Classmates Media business, as the firm continues to eye an IPO of the unit. United Online, withdrew its IPO of Classmates in December, citing market conditions. In its earnings release Thursday, United Online said that it remains its strategy to complete an IPO of its Classmates unit. In addition, United Online said that it would begin allocating certain corporate expenses which it was reporting separately to specific operating segments. United Online's Mark Goldston said that it added 216,000 paid accounts to its Classmates Media service in 2007, bringing the company's total paid accounts to 1,030,000. Classmates contributed $53.3M in Q4 to the firm's $125.4M in revenues.


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