uSamp: 65 Percent of Companies Allow Working Remotely

Encino -based uSamp, which provides technology to enable market research and survey panels, has tapped into its stable of survey respondents to figure out how many companies now allow employees to work remotely. The company said its new study finds that 65 percent of companies now allow employees to work remotely, versus 35 percent that do not. The issue of whether or not to allow remote workers has come to the forefront after a highly publicized effort by Yahoo's new CEO, Marissa Meyer, to force that company's entire workforce to come into the office.

uSamp said its panel included 1,000 business professionals across the United States. uSamp said it found that 69 percent of professionals report that working remotely is "liberating" and that 67 percent feel that they are "more productive" when working remotely. Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer put the company's new policy in place in February, igniting a firestorm of controversy.


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