WebVisible: Bing Search Spend Increases, Small Business Advertising Up

Irvine-based WebVisible has released its latest quarterly advertising report, saying this morning that Bing's share of the search spending market was up 10 percent in Q1 over the previous quarter, and that the average small business advertisers spent $2,201 in search advertising in Q1. The firm--which has begun tracking trends in its U.S. advertising clients--found in its report that interest in Bing has increased from its small business advertisers, due to high click through rates and lower cost than Google, but that Yahoo dropped more than 9 percent in spending. Google's share of the market was up 3 percent. The firm said the report is based on trends in about $23M in U.S. small business advertising spend from its clients, from around 12,000 individual advertisers. The report also tallied up $2,201 on search advertising for the average small business advertisers, up 2.4 percent from the previous quarter, and up 91 percent over last year. The most active advertisers for the quarter were attorneys, general contractors, and dentists.


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