Cogi Launches New Phone Transcription Service

A new Santa Barbara-based startup, Cogi, said today that it has launched a new service focused on helping consumers and professionals take notes on their phone calls or meetings. The firm--which was founded by Robert Dolan of Callwave, Mark Cromack of CrystalVoice, and Palmer Jackson of Ideocore--allows users to record important phone calls and in-person meetings, and transcribes "key points" of those meetings into digital form. The firm said it is using a combination of signal processing, speech-to-text technology, and human assistance for the service. Cogi said it will charge $29.95 a month for the service. Cogi's service works by dialing into an access number via speaker phone for conference calls, by connecting Cogi into conference call numbers via a computer application, or by patching in the access number on any phone call.