Google Funds LA, San Diego, Santa Barbara Researchers

Search engine giant Google announced Tuesday that the firm is funding a number of University research projects, including a group of researchers at UC San Diego, a researcher at UC Santa Barbara, and a researcher in Los Angeles. Google said that the firm is awarding a total of $5.7M as part of its Google Focused Research Awards, to help fund research in ares of study that are of key interest to the company. Among the 12 projects, which include 31 professors at 10 universities, are one on the use of mobile phones as data collection devices for public health an environmental monitoring, which includes Deborah Estrin at UCLA; work on energy efficiency in computing, which includes Fred Chong at UC Santa Barbara; and another grant focused on energy efficiency in computing to Tajana Simunic Rosing, Steven Swanson and Amin Vahdat at UCSD. Individual amounts of the grants to the projects were not announced.


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