TOP NEWS Debuts Sports Prediction Site

Los Angeles-based KlickSports has quietly launched a new, online sports game focused on allowing sports fan to make predictions and interact with others. The Los Angeles-based startup, which is backed by angel investors, is hoping that sports fans will get hooked into the firm's site, which allows football, basketball, baseball, and other sports fans to make predictions on games and plays, and trade banter with other fans. KlickSports--which has scored $1.2M in angel funding--uses technology to let fans make predictions on sports plays, and tracks those predictions as part of brand promotions. The firm has run promotions with such brands as Cingular, Chevy, Rudy's, Steve and Barry's, HEB Coupons, Valero, Lifetime Fitness, CBTS, and the Washington Redskins. KlickSports was founded by Jose daVeiga and former Los Angeles Raiders' player Kent Jordan.