Friday, October 26, 2012
GameSalad Supports Windows 8 Apps
Los Angeles- and Austin-based GameSalad, which develops software which helps people create iOS, Android, and web games, said Friday that its software now supports Windows 8 application development. The startup--which has been supporting Windows development since May--said its latest version, 0.10.0 supports Windows 8 and a number of the features of the Windows 8 environment. GameSalad's tools allow users to create mobile applications and games without having to write code. GameSalad is venture b (More info...)

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BrandBounty Uses Crowdsourcing To Fight Counterfeiting
A new, Los Angeles startup BrandBounty is hoping to tap into the power of the crowd to help brands fight counterfeiting. The software developer--one of the companies that is part of Los Angeles-based StartupMinds--has a product which allows brands to offer virtual prizes, contests, and cash rewards to people to help them fight counterfeiting through reports from users of brand violations, such as unauthorized use of a company's products, logos, and trademarks. Those reports then are funneled to (More info...)

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Friday Tech Video Roundup for Southern California
Some of the higlights from this week from socalTECH's video, section, where we're currently highlighting community videos from and about local startups:

Image Metrics Mojo Masks iPhone App

Image Metrics released a new iPhone application this week, which uses facial tracking to display virtual "masks" on an iPhone, overlaid on a user's face.

RewardTag Sends Its Tags Into Space

In a stunt to see how well its tags work, RewardTag sent up its tag into space (well, up into the (More info...)

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LED Lighting Manufacturer Sets Up Shop In Anaheim
A Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of LED lighting products, Lunera Lighting has set up shop in Anaheim, and will manufacture its products there. Lunera said this week it has opened up a new manufacturing and design facility in Anaheim, which will give the firm greater control over its supply chain and fixture design. The firm's CEO and a number of its executive team are now located in Los Angeles, due to the move; according to reports, the firm moved to Anaheim because of its talented labor po (More info...)

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Insights and Opinions: Founder Restricted Stock 101
With our Insights and Opinions section on socalTECH, we're trying to help the startup and high tech community, including including hints, tips, and other education on the world of high tech startups. So, to that goal, we're sharing the following article from Sean Greaney>, attorney with
Stubbs Alderton & Markiles, LLP, who gives an informative introduction to
Restricted Stock for startup companies. Stubbs Alderton is a sponsor of socalTECH, but the Insights section is open to everyone in S (More info...)

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Surf Air Gets (Slight) Competition From BlackJet
A new, Silicon Valley-based airline--backed by Ashton Kutcher--emerged today, with its eyes on the Silicon Valley to Los Angeles route being targeted by Los Angeles-based Surf Air. The new startup, BlackJet, is apparently looking to run passengers from San Francisco to L.A. on private jets, at a cost of around $1,000 for a flight; the company also is starting with flying from New York to LA flights, along with a New York to Florida route. The startup is headed by Garrett Camp, one of the co-foun (More info...)

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DeveloperAuction Targets Los Angeles With Job Auctions
DeveloperAuction, a Bay Area startup which is looking to let employers bid for engineers on an auction basis, has expanded into Los Angeles, beyond an initial launch in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York, and Boston. The startup is looking to take advantage of the demand for developers by getting startups to "bid" on engineering talent. The startup lets engineers post their resumes for a 14-day auction, where multiple startups bid up what they're willing to pay that engineer to work at a compa (More info...)

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Brand Affinity Technologies Buys Printroom's Fan Photography Business
Irvine-based Brand Affinity Technologies, the latest startup from the Steelberg brothers, said Thursday that it has acquired the fan photography business of Printroom. Financial terms of the buy were not disclosed. Printroom's Fan Photography business provides photo keepsakes -- photos on the field, sports team photo mouse pads, and more -- for the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA sports teams, and other customers. Brand Affinity Technologies (BAT) was founded by Ryan and Chad Steelberg, who sold their (More info...)

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TigerText Hits 250 Healthcare Customers
Santa Monica-based text messaging provider TigerText reported Thursday that it now has more than 250 healthcare facilities using its HIPAA compliant messaging platform. The firm, which provides secure text messaging for enterprise customers, says it more than doubled its customers in the last three months due to demand from the healthcare industry. TigerText's text messaging services are encrypted and HIPAA compliant. The company is venture backed by Easton Capital and New Science Ventures.

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Turn Your Software App into SaaS in Days! - Nov 1 & 7, La Jolla & Glendale
How do you turn your software application into a fully operational,
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), without investing a lot of time,
programming resources, and money into the effort?

Corent Technology, the emerging leader in Software to SaaS transformation
is offering a complimentary and informative breakfast session hosted by
IBM at IBM La Jolla office on Nov. 1 and IBM Glendale office Nov 7, both
from 8:30-10:00.

Corent's software enables practically any Software Application to become
a fully operational SaaS in just days with flexibility to run on ANY Cloud including IBM, Azure, Amazon, and Rackspace to name a few. Corent was named the 2012 Cloud Product of the Year at the High Tech Innovation Awards Conference.

Whether you are a software vendor or already offering a SaaS solution you
will benefit from the information shared at this session.
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Safire Partners Executive Search
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Ventura Ventures Technology Center (V2TC) - Business Incubator
The Ventura Ventures Technology Center (V2TC) is a high-tech business incubator located in downtown Ventura, CA. V2TC offers a creative environment where high-tech start-ups and entrepreneurs can network, brainstorm, and grow their business. Work-spaces are affordable, flexible and scalable in order to allow companies the ability to manage their growth effectively and efficiently.

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