Postcard On The Run Gets $750K From Selena Gomez, Others

Los Angeles-based Postcard on the Run, the startup headed by Josh Brooks, announced this morning that it has raised $750,000 in an angel round, which included actress Selena Gomez, Crosscut Ventures, Mike Jones, Yves Sisteron, Chris DeWolfe, Aber Whitcomb, Brian Fitzgerald, Ryan Steelberg, Colin Digiaro, Brian Lee, and Jarl Mohn. The firm--which develops iOS and Android apps which easily allow mobile users to take pictures and turn them into real, physical postcards mailed to their friends and family--also launched a new "Smell Mail" feature to its service. Selena Gomez becomes a creative advisor to the company as part of her funding. Postcard on the Run's new "Smell Mail" feature adds scratch and sniff scents to postcards, ranging from scents like pine and flowers, to chocolate, bubble gum, and baby powder. Brooks was formerly at MySpace and, among other firms. More information »


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