ReachLocal To Shut Bizzy

Woodland Hills-based ReachLocal, the online marketing firm which helps small and medium sized business place Internet advertising, is shutting down its Bizzy local business recommendations site, according to a blog post from the site. The site said that it will be "closing its doors soon", saying that it ultimately did not attract the number of users needed to sustain the site in the long run. ReachLocal had started Bizzy in November of 2010, looking to develop its own, social recommendations and check-in site. Bizzy had offered up local business reviews, ability to "check in" to locations like Foursquare, and networking with others. Bizzy said the site and mobile apps will be shut down by mid-November. The current incarnation of Bizzy was actually the second iteration of the domain for ReachLocal, which also had previously tried to use the site as a place for local businesses to provide their own profiles, updates, and coupons.


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