Science Inc.'s New TripleThread Brings Work Style To Men

The latest startup out of Los Angeles-based startup studio/incubator Science, Inc. launched today, aiming initially at providing men with work-appropriate clothes delivered monthly. The startup, TripleThread, said it has launched a new service called Fourth and Grand, which figures out a customer's style and delivers a shipment of fashionable shirts, ties, pants, sweaters, and other accessories every month. The service is the first from TripleThread, which is aiming its service at brick and mortar retailers looking to offer services to consumers at home. TripleThread--headed by Allan Jones--said its is looking to provide those brick and mortar retailers with an "entirely new revenue channel" and to help those retailers acquire traffic. The new venture out of Science Inc. follows the subscription and fashion theme of the incubator's prior ventures; Science Inc.--headed by former MySpace CEO Mike Jones--is also behind such services as Wittlebee, Dollar Shave Club, and Uncovet.