Supperking Launches To Bring Together People Around Home Cooked Meals

Have you ever been in a new city, and wish you could get to know your neighbors and the locals better? A new startup, launching today, called SupperKing, is looking to help with that, by bringing together friends and neighbors over home cooked meals, via a new, peer-to-peer marketplace. The Los Angeles startup--founded by Kai Stubble--said this morning that it has launched its i Phone app, which lets people host other people at their homes to share food. The app allows people to host their own meals--setting a price, time, and other details--which other users can participate in. Stubble said in an interview that he was driven to start the service after spending a lot of time traveling, and wishing he could meet with locals in the cities he was visiting, and also get to better know people in a city. Stubble said the service was inspired in part by the "collaborative consumption" and the rise of sites like Airbnb.


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